Son of a…

Tim Kring.
I want to buy you, a pizza!

An exploding man, why didn’t I put that together sooner!?!

I love this show!


  1. packetfire

    You couldn’t have put in a spoiler alert?!?

    Anyways, I assume it’s what I had been guessing – that the radioactive dude was somehow responsible for the exp-losion?

    Wait – don’t tell me. I have to watch it tonight…


    Winter tires on the car though! *woot* Bring on the Snow!!

  2. sidekickca

    Sorry, next time I’ll put a warning.
    I just assumed you were watching. 😛

    Well, I think the image of the exploding dude had been there for a little while, at least the last episode.
    I caught a glimpse of it at the beginning.

    But this show just keeps getting better.

  3. olletho

    Somedays you make no sense at all. At least to me.

  4. sidekickca

    I don’t even know if explaining it would help ^_^

    It’s about Heroes, and the awsomeness it spews forth.

  5. olletho


    but you have to know that the first thing I thought of was you actually physically trying to but together some sort of exploding man… which obviously wouldn’t work I mean he’s exploding isn’t he? Only stands to reason.

  6. sidekickca

    Yea, I suppose out of context it really wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

    Oh, and Tim Kring is the creator of Heroes, and he’s not exploding.
    Not yet anyway ^_^

  7. flying_squirrel

    I got the Strong Bad reference, but that was about it…


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