Spoke too soon…

Looks like I won’t be going to Toronto.
Oh well, that’s just the way it is.

But then again it might be next week.
Who knows?

Just got my 9 month evaluation(just came off probabtion) and it was all glowing reviews!
And I get a 4% raise this year!

Good to know that all the work I’ve been putting in is paying off.

Glad to be noticed for the good things for a change ^_^

But really, all the bad stuff that I do, all the mistakes that I might make, they’re all amplified in my head only, and barely register on the people that it would make a real difference to.

Which means one of two things, the mistakes that I make don’t matter, or people just aren’t paying attention.
Either is fine with me ^_^

To get my mind off the weekend behind me, I’m going to Toronto, either tonight or tomorrow, for one day to do a client install.
With any luck, I’ll be able to hook up with Ben and Norah and we can eat something.

This weekend I’ll be elsewhere.

Life in Paragon City is pretty cool so far, reached Security Level 10 this morning(yes, I was playing this morning because the server crashed last night and I was rather close to level anyway).
Got a new power, and I’m taking more screen shots.

I’m going to bring back www.mechaknight.com and dedicate it to my character. Sad? Yes, but kinda fun all at the same time.
Allows me to flesh it out a little.
It’s gonna kinda be like a blog type thing, because those sorts of things are pupular.
And of coure it’ll have pics, and a bit of a background story, and all sorts of little things to keep me busy as I get more and more bored of the game.
I just know it’ll happen….too bad, it’s kinda cool.

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