So I’m starting the second week(I think) of this standing desk experiment thingy.

So far my feet hurt. I suspect that if I had some decent padding or some kind of shoe then I could resolve this, but other than that I think it’s doing better things for my back.

And it makes me fidget more. I suspect the long term effects of constant fidgiting is probably good, but right now I’m just fidgity. Or it could be the coffee. Either way.

I was thinking of doing this for some time, but was always stumped with how to do it. I was looking around my office and trying to see what I could turn into a vertical desk extension. And it would have involved reusing some other shelves and whatnot, and that would cause a problem of where to put the stuff that’s on those shelves.

Then, late one night, I was turning off the table light next to the couch and noticed that, the spaces between the kitchen and living room were just the right height for a laptop. My arms are bent at the right 90 degree angle, and the best part is that I don’t have to build anything. So the next morning I put the laptop there, realised that there was tons of space, and it was generally comfortable.

For those not familiar with my house, the wall between the living room and kitchen has these little cut out spaces, I’m guessing so that you can watch TV while making dinner. Anyway, this is my new office 🙂

It’s pretty nice when you think of it. The coffee is right here, I could watch TV if I really wanted to(I don’t, because I don’t need even more distractions) and I keep the dog company. She doesn’t seem to like hanging out up stairs, so I come to her 🙂

The downside, is that I’m working in the kitchen, you know, where all the food is. It appears however that, I’ve loaded the kitchen with a bunch of stuff that I don’t want to munch on, but I still look for it. Which means walking around, which I guess works.

Added to this, I now have a tendancy to wander about for no reason. I guess sitting down stopped that urge. But I have it now. Chalk it up to being fidgity.

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    I have no doubt that a standing desk can be done. Take it from someone who has worked in retail more years than I’m willing to admit. It involves A LOT of standing. And shifting from one foot to another, agian and again. I found that I often favored putting my weight on one side, which eventually led to a sore knee and hip. You have to keep moving. Have you ever tried sitting on a yoga ball instead of the standing desk idea? It’s supposed to be really good for your balance, back, and core strength. Plus you get to bounce! How fun is that?


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