Star Trek “Special” Edition

I guess this is what happens when you run out of stuff to remake.
You just make the old stuff newish.

This sort of thing has been done since the invention of colour, and I still don’t see the point other than self-gratification.
“Look what I can do!”

I’m worried that this will go down the path of Star Wars with ‘little’ changes being made here and there just for the heck of it.

And on the other hand, I’m as giddy as a school girl to see what the changes will be like.

But unlike Star Wars, you can at least buy the original unscrewed with DVDs.
Yes, I know that Star Wars is coming out, finally, and I have my pre-orders all set, but I think it was a half-assed effort overall.

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  1. flying_squirrel

    I dunno. It could be cool. Some of the storytelling in TOS was severely limited by what they couldn’t do. Like nearly all the space scenes. Occasionally this made it feel more claustrophobic or intense, if the director knew what he was doing, but mostly it was just kinda confusing and lame. Because you couldn’t really tell what was going on.

    In sum: I wouldn’t mind seeing it, but they definitely need to keep the originals in circulation. The new stuff is just a novelty, and (like the Star Wars new editions), weirdly dates itself pretty quickly.

    (Still waiting for George Lucas to die so we can get a good original trilogy set).

  2. sidekickca

    (Still waiting for George Lucas to die so we can get a good original trilogy set).

    I agree. Think we can make it look like an accident? ^_^


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