Star Wars: A New Hope

Well, that’s one point in it’s favor, no previews.
Went from FBI warning right to the menu.
Just waiting for the popcorn.

So far so good.
The one thing that I have noticed, and maybe this isn’t new to me, is that the newly added CGI is really obvious in some scenes.
It’s too clean and smooth. They would have been better off creating newer models.
The milk is still blue though ^_^

I think there are some new ambient sound effects in the background during the Luke and Ben scene.
They sound like Star Trek noises. That would be rather funny if true.

Stolen data-tapes. Right, every bit of data is still stored on tapes.
At least the dialog hasn’t changed, for better or worse.

Greedo, is a lousy shot. Point blank, and he still misses.
That’s what makes that scene all the more useless.
Ah, ok, they digitally moved Hans head to the right. Actually, it looked like his entire body shifted to the right, and then back again in the blink of an eye.
Didn’t realize that he was so fast.

OK, just watched the Jabba scene, and they’ve changed him from a tickle-me-Jabba to a slightly darker version.
Also, I don’t know if they added Boba Fett on the new DVD version, or in the special edition a few years back.
I’ll never know I guess.
As a fun fact, Boba Fetts first appearance is in the Christmas Special.
Wonder if we’re ever going to get a special edition of that ^_^

Diving into the garbage area, I think they added a ‘Yaaa hooo’!
Again, could be wrong.

The tall Storm Troop still hits his head, and I have a feeling they’ve enhanced the sound.

They didn’t completely clean up the graphics for the Tie Fighter battle, there’s still the occasional mate square around some of them.
I thought that would have been cleaned up at least.

The re-added scene with Biggs does make later scenes make a lot more sense.
Before that, you had no idea that it was Biggs ahead of time, and why he was so broken up about it.
And poor Porkins…he thought he was alright. He was soooo wrong.

I really want to play Tie Fighter right now.

They also didn’t fix the “Carrie!” gaff either. Not that it matters.

Well, that’s it.
It’s not as bad as I really thought it would be.
Sure, there’s a lot of little changes, almost all of them useless, but it’s almost survivable.

I called this one as I saw it, I don’t feel the need to change the post at all.
Tomorrow might be Empire, and then again it might not be.

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  1. olletho

    Nope the special edition that got the theater release had Boba, and he kinda pauses and looks at the camera just a hair longer then would be natural as he waits for the crowd to go wild.


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