Star Wars DVDs

Just as I suspected, I got my Star Wars DVDs in the mail on Friday, and I just collected them today.
It occurs to me that I’ve been doing a little bit of complaining about the ‘new editions’ without actually seeing them, but since I was forced(sorta) to get them, I think I’ll actually watch and try to make my own opinions.
See, it’s not so much that he’s updated the graphics, I can understand that. Back then, the tech just wasn’t available to make what he wanted. And now that it is, he’s remaking them in the image that he has in his head.
That, and it’s securing his financial future, but that’s a different sore point.
It’s all the little unnecessary changes that he’s made that really tick me off.
These little changes that are supposed to link the new films with the original. Boba Fetts voice, the ghosts at the end, that kind of thing. They didn’t need to be changed.
Possibly Jango Fetts son took up smoking, and his voice is different from his fathers?
Anikan did eventually grow older, and the ghosts represent how they looked when they died, not when we last saw them.
Why not change Obi Won’s ghost as well?
Anyway, it’s those kinds of things that I’ll be looking for, and see if I actually notice them enough to be irritated.
I’m sure I will be, but at what level? We’ll see.

All that being said, and now that I have the new editions, I think I’ll watch them this week and vomit my opinion of them on this blog.
Because really, what else have I got to do?
Actually, I have quiet a bit to do, but these movies aren’t all that long.
And no, I won’t watch them all tonight. It’s a school night afterall. ^_^

I’m sure I’ll be blogging as I’m watching, but I’m going to try and clean up the post some, just to make it easier to read.
So, stay tuned, it might be interesting.
And then again, maybe not.


  1. flying_squirrel

    I don’t think I’ve seen the new Empire or Jedi all the way through. But whatever. I still feel justified in complaining.

    Even before he did the new new editions to tie in with the prequels, there were lots of things that bothered me about the new editions. Mostly things like the pointless comic relief bits they added in the background. Jawas getting bucked off big monster things and so forth. I’m sure the kids get a giggle out of it, but really, does this stuff have to be there?

  2. sidekickca

    Nope, none of it had to be there.
    It was just a big ‘look what I can do’ thing.

    Even the Jabba scene, totally pointless since it was all covered not 30 seconds previous with Greedo.

    In fact, I’m sure the Greedo scene was added after once they figured out the Jabba scene just wasn’t going to work.

    It’s the same lines people!

    Personally, I liked the THX versions that were available on VHS.
    Too bad I only had the full screen ones.
    That on DVD would have been just perfect for me.
    A little cleaner, better sound, that’s all.

    Oh well, maybe when he’s dead.

  3. sidekickca

    Capt’n, our Geekdar is off the scale!

    You say ‘Good lord…’ like this is some kind of unexpected behaviour from me?

    Surely you have mistaken me for some other geek 😛


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