Star Wars: The EmpieArrr Strikes Back

Sorry, couldn’t help it.

This is treading into dangerous territory.
This is my fav of the three, it’s the first one I remember seeing, it means the most to me.
I even had the pop-up book.
That being said, it’s also just a movie ^_^

Did they show the full Wompa(or whatever the hell it’s called) attack in the original?
I didn’t think so.

Overall, I’m really glad they didn’t replace all the stop motion.
There’s just something special about it.

There was a scene that really seemed…added later.
It had to deal with the evacuation of Hoth, I’m just making a note of it for later is all.

I seem to recall that in the special editions, they spent most of the effort in the first one, and the rest were rather unscathed.
This could be a short post.

Frank Oz is the master voice…guy.

Yoda is the kind of senile old fart I want to be when I grow up.

OK, so they changed the Emperor, which I suppose makes sense.
However, I also remember something about them changing the dialog in that scene as well.
Something about making it sound like Vader didn’t know that his son even existed.
Or maybe it’s the other way around in the original?
That’s the kind of change that’s hard to pick up(at least for me) but could really piss off some people.
Still, not needed.
I could be wrong.

They did change Bobas voice.
Again, really really not needed.
However, it’s not as poorly acted as was let on.
Just not needed.
Why not change all the Storm Troopers voices as well?
Sorry, stopping possible rant now 😛

Sweet, Gojira just shipped!

The new CG in this doesn’t stick out as much as in the first one.
It actually blends in rather well.

Vaders light saber is looking really pinkish…not so much red.

So that’s that.
Not all bad I guess.

I might actually be coming around to these newer versions. Maybe I’m just happy to have them ^_^
I would still have preferred he just clean up the olds ones, but whatever.
At least we have the originals.

Off to bed, must sleep.

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