Stealing ideas

Since I have nothing super long to post about, I’ll do a bullets update ala :

  • Buying a dog tomorrow, and I think I have it narrowed down to two female husky/husky-mixs. Bought all the stuff last night so I should be good to go
  • Going on vacation next week to hang out with said dog
  • Took a time management course on Wednesday, and I think it will help if I can just start to follow some of the suggestions(much like a diet; it works, if you follow it)
  • Watched a Rugby game on Wednesday, Canada vs Scotland, it was pretty rockin except Canada lost
  • Saw the Omen on Tuesday, but you know that already
  • I did watch the x-men movie, but I just haven’t commented on it, maybe more on that later when I can collect my thoughts
  • Still can’t find UT2K4 in the stores
  • Signed up for a Fantasy World Cup thingy yesterday, hopefully I don’t suck at this
  • Still not done with s website, but I swear, it’ll be ready for Monday morning(yes, hell or highwater)
  • Done with the Church computer, couldn’t fix Outlook Express, so he’s using Outlook now. It’s better that way
  • I should do some yard work next week, since I have the time and all
  • No good movies coming out tonight, gotta find something else to do
  • Actually, District B13 is playing, and that’s supposed to be pretty good in the senseless action violence sorta way

Suppose I should get back to work, afterall, they are paying me.

Edit – One game down, and I’m already in the negative points: TheSideKicks


  1. flying_squirrel

    I found UT2k4 on the shelves in Best Buy and Walmart, but they were $40 and $50 respectively. I lucked out and found it used at an EB Games for $10.

  2. sidekickca

    Tried there, failed.
    But haven’t been to BestBuy yet, might try that later.

  3. flying_squirrel

    It took me three EB Games outlets to find it. 😛

    I think Sam’s downloaded it. So that’ll be an option when it comes to LAN party day. It’s a few gigs, though (my copy came on 7 CDs. 😛 ), so finding a cheap copy is definitely easier.


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