The problem with Steam is that it offers good games for cheap.

I’ve run into this problem before when it offered all the X-Com games for like $10. They recently offered 10 indie games for $30, and I fell for it.

Now they’re offering Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics for $20. And sure, I could go online and snag these for free, $20 just isn’t a lot of money for three long games. Hell, Fallout is going for $9 by itself. That alone might be worth it(assuming I just don’t like the game).

And now that I have an unlimited download rate(which reminds me, I should cancel Rogers) I don’t mind downloading games to play them. Save me loosing disks and whatnot.

Damn you Steam!

How dare you bring me quality entertainment on the cheap!

Now I just need time to play them all….

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