I’ve been bitten by the steam punk bug again.

Not that I did anything about it the last time, but this time I might make something.

Or, it could be an excuse to go buy welding goggles.

Yes, I actually mean making physical costume peices. I’m even building this whole backstory/persona about it.

I should really write it down before I start forgetting it. Not sure what I want to make, or, more to the point, where I want to stop.

I suspect the first thing I’ll try to do is a cool watch/arm band thing. I might extend it up the arm and also incorperate a glove into it somewhere/how.

Well, I suppose the where would be on my hand 😛

Why the sudden interest in Steam Punk? No idea. Granted, I’ve always loved the concept of steam punk, and what people do with modern things to make them steampunky. is a great example of custom figures gone steampunk.

And Steampunk Daleks are just cool!

Anyway, right now it’s just research and cool ideas, but I really hope that at one point I can make this stuff and maybe dress up at Anime North in a couple of years.

Or I’ll just shelve it like almost everything else I do 😛

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