Stepping In

I really wish that the part of my brain that came up with witty comments worked at the same time the other part of my brain that understands that I might be in a dangerous situation.
On the tail end of a really nice dinner date, I walked back to the parking garage and had to step between a couple that was having a bit of an altercation.
See, I heard some commotion, but didn’t see anything, then walked past a woman who was leaving the parking garage.
Then a man came running buy(but he was drunk and in a suit, so he ran funny) and he grabber her arm and stood in her way.
I kept walking. Then he kept getting into her way, grabbing at her, and it was very obvious that she wanted out of the situation.
I stopped walking and observed.
It didn’t get better. So I started walking towards them, and when we all left the parking garage, he was hanging on to her and she was trying to leave.
That’s when I put my hand on the guys chest and just said “your done”. I gently pushed him away from her and close to a wall.
He was drunk, and really drunk at that. And of course he wanted to fight. I still had my hand on his chest but didn’t say anything.
I really wish I had said something because I’m sure I just looked a little stupid standing there hold the guy back.
She said that it was alright, but I knew it wasn’t. She stopped him from trying to fight me. I looked at her, she thanked me in that way that desperate people thank someone for stepping in.
The same way that someone who knew it would only make the situation worse thanked someone.
I walked away while he was calling out to me to fight. It would have been a quick fight, but she didn’t want it.
So I left.
I really wish I could say witty things in the same manner that people in movies say witty things in those situations.
But I didn’t. I just stood there, holding the guy back.
Not sure what I would have said. Didn’t even think of things on the drive home.

Too bad too, it was a really nice date.


  1. anonymous

    Is that story not suppose to end with, she was so greatful that she took you home and had her way with you??

  2. sidekickca

    You would think, after all the effort I went though.
    But no, I’m sure she went home with the drunk looser.

    And the moral is, you can be a big drunk jerk, as long as you’re well dressed and have money.

  3. anonymous

    Dude, who cares? Megakudos to you for stepping up to plate. You, sir, are a man. A manly man, and I truly take my hat off to you.

    May I make a movie about this?

    — Shayne

  4. sidekickca

    Sure, as long as I get to play myself. Which should be simple since I don’t actually say anything ^_^

  5. anonymous

    I’ve just mailed a script treatment to you. Let me know what you think.

    — Shayne

  6. anonymous

    “Knock-knock.. Who’s there? CÖÇ? PUNCH!”

    *laughing-hand behind head* Mwaawhawhaw…


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