Gods help me, I’ve found a cheap online retailer that offers stikfas with free shipping.
And they’re Canadian.

I’ll wait until after Christmas.
I’ll wait until I clean up my room.
I’ll wait until I’ve unpacked all the other Stikfas that I have!

But now they have RockStar Stikfas, and I just have to buy three or four to make a band!

Also, the little green tank and I are off to Waterloo. There’s so much snow in Ottawa. It was up to the door this morning.
But the rest of the 401 looks clear enough, I think Ottawa got the worst of it(as usual).

I think I’m going to buy a little bare-bones computer to install Linux on and finally bring back the old server.
It’s about time really. But I have to say that LJ is making me think that I just don’t need one. But I really want one.
I want a place to keep all my email, forever!
Mind you, now that everyone’s using the yahoo email address, I wonder how much use I’d get out of it.
I’m sure I’ll think of something!

The closer to the end of the year it gets, the less work I want to do.
The less work I want to do, the more I want to go home.
The more I want to go home, the less work I want to do.

Nothing else to report really.

Oh, our border has moved out, so we get the server room back ^_^


  1. flying_squirrel


    Yeah, it’s not bad at all here. The snow stopped early last night, and the roads are clear (if a bit wet) now. There’s a bit of snow in the forecast, but it’s pretty clear out (sunny, even) at the moment.

  2. sidekickca

    You don’t sleep, right?
    It could take a little while to get there…

  3. flying_squirrel

    I’ve got the company Christmas party tonight, but I’m not expecting to stay there too late. After that, I’ll probably be up cleaning and getting ready, yeah. If you could shoot for before 2am, though, I’d be grateful. ^_^;;


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