Still at home

Well, the thing with the city didn’t go too well.
It seems that they have chosen someone else over me. I think it’s all a big mistake, and soon they will come to realize this and beg me to help them out of the terrible pit that they’ve gotten themselves into.
Any day now. Just waiting by that phone…..
On the OFF chance that they don’t call, at least Visa(one of them anyway) will be paying my min payment for me during my time in umemployment land. That’s nice to know, saves me $170/month for a little while.
AJs in town again. Seems she’s here more often than at home, but that works for me ^_^
Rich and Sarah will be shoing up next week, just in time to see me put on my Santa display. That should be fun.
I also have to get new valve stems for my tires since I’m letting air out when I check the pressure. Sorta counter productive.
AND I have to change the bulb in my tail-light. That should be easy….should.

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