Still sick and stuff

Yes, still sick. However, apparently it’s not an infection of any kind, just some virus.


That could take up to 4 weeks to clear out.


This is after waiting 45 minutes for the doc to show up. At least my waiting room time was only 10 minutes. And that’s what they advertise on the Appletree waiting time website. Oh, and they have an app now that you can get to show the waiting times. Apparently my doctors office was totally booked. At least I got in to see someone. I suppose it could have been worse. I could have had the plague. That would have sucked.

But I did manage to reinstall Windows on the main PC(no, one has nothing to do with the other).

The damn thing was bugging me. Certain programs refused to load, it wouldn’t actually be able to read a USB key(unless I rebooted with that key already in place), and it was just chugging along. I think this time(and I’m sure if I check the archives I’ve said this once before) I won’t load it down with a bunch of crap.

In fact, I should do a post about digital hoarding. My friend Matt touched on the subject in one of this posts, and I was just going to throw in my 2 cents. Just not tonight.

Tonight I’m sitting up, waiting for the neocitrin to cool to a point where I can drink it without scorching my insides. Tara’s asleep, Liam’s asleep, I think the dog and cat are as well.

I will be too soon I’m sure. But at least for now I have something to blog about.

How are all of you feeling these days?

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  1. Matt


    Sorry to hear that the illness lingers. Been that way around home and the office too… Something nasty in the air the last little bit. At least the kids are still healthy!

    (I found Buckley’s to be a great help through the roughest parts… Robin likes Vicks… Of course, she also gets sinus problems… I used to like NeoCitran too… Lemon, not that cherry stuff…)

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on digital hoarding! I’ve taken to travelling light these days, though the temptation is mighty! $5 movie bins help… (that and a strong aversion to just about everything produced in the last 10 years…)


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