Still Thursday

As you can see above, it’s still Thursday. Not that this Thursday has been bad or anything, it’s just still Thursday. This weekend I get to spend time watching two little dogs try to rip each other apart. Or that’s what I’ve been told anyway. I have a feeling they won’t because it’s my job to make sure of this. It should be interesting.
Installed a Linux on the laptop again, this time with even less junk on it. And installed Java AND got it to work(didn’t think it would have been that hard, but oh well), so I now have something to do on the weekend. Must get A+ in second Java course.
Spent yesterday playing Tetris with AJ. Damn game never ends. But killed most of my day yesterday so that’s good.
Now here’s the odd news.
My parents returned home yesterday after a church meeting. My mother said to me ‘We have something to discuss with you, but I want to have your father in the same room’
Great, they’ve finally come to their senses and have decided to kick me out. So I start in, jokingly(just in case) and say’So you’ve finally decided to kick me out?’. Nope(THANK GOD).
‘You want me to paint your room?’
‘OK, what is it then?’
‘We would like you to be Santa at the childrens christmas party…’
‘oh, ok.’
That was it. That’s something that I can deal with. After the idea of being kicked out into the cold cruel world, playing santa is easy.
I guess they have the outfit and everything, so that’s what I get to do next month.
I’ll have pics and everything ^_^


  1. aelfric the greatly amused

    And here I was thinking a) a crazy suicide pact to join the aliens behind the meteor or b) ‘Bill, it’s not that you’re not our child… you’re really an adopted monkey. We’ve been meaning to tell you for years’ You got off light with Santa duty!

  2. Sarah

    Santa eh? The last time my parents said ‘we have something we’d like to discuss with you’ they wanted to talk about their Wills. You’ll make a great Santa, Bill! Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  3. The second fat man in the grassy knoll...

    You da fat man!… Er, monkey… Uh, thing..


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