I’ve received a few e-mails about possible slowdowns and odd script things with the site, and I thought it would be a good idea to hopefully explaine what’s happening.
As far as I know anyway ^_^
Slowdowns, specifically during the day today, were probably caused by me downloading stuff using BitTorrent. It’s a VERY bandwidth intensive system for P2P sharing. It’s rather effective, but it makes a pig of itself. I usually just use it after people have gone to bed, but I took advantage of both my parents not being home to do some extra downloading today ^_^
There was a very old peice of code on the site that tried to download a graphic from a particular website, and that was makeing it appear that the page never stopped downloading. That site has changed IP address, and the IP address was hard coded. Oddly, that site was my own ^_^ The IP address changed some time ago, I just didn’t do anything about it. And since I usually visit the site when I’m at home(local connection) I really didn’t notice. Problem fixed.
There might be some other script errors, and I’ll get around to fixing those….whenever ^_^Thanks all ^_^


  1. Darcy

    FYI, I’ve made the hotel reservation for AN. Wee!

  2. SideKick

    Kewl, I’ll e-mail you.And yes, it was porn. 2.3 Gigs of porn. Took some time ^_^


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