Feeling better about the whole lay off thing.
Well, I guess if you lay one person off it’s really firing them, but whatever.
He’s already put in 5 job applications, so he’s going to be fine I guess.

Anyway, enough about that.
Red Dwarf Season 3 and 4 are out on DVD. Thought you should know.

I was going to get a digitizing tablet this weekend, but everyplace I went to were sold out. Guess it’s a hot item.

Watched Butterfly Effect and Starsky and Hutch this weekend. Busy for movies since I guess there’s nothing better to do.
Both were very good and mostly worth the money.

Tomorrow I’m going to do a quick server shut-down becuase I think I’ve screwed something up. I’ll be backing everything up so don’t worry.

Besides, I’m getting good at this whole “reinstall everytime I do something” bit.

Maybe one day I’ll not screw something up.

Yea, I know, I don’t believe it either ^_^

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