I’ve been toying with the idea of changing the site layout again.
Call it bordom, call it the typical thing that I do.
I’m actually thinking of going back to an older layout; three column, blog in the middle.
I did that once, and for the most part it worked swimingly.
That’s when I got into PHP and started doing fun things.
The nice thing, is that in theory, the way I’ve designed the site it shouldn’t take too much effort to make the things that I have work with a new layout.
In theory.

My new exercise “thing” is walking to work. I tried it for the first time yesterday, and found out it took about 45 minutes to get here.
I imagine as I get used to it that time will go down.
I also did it this morning, and had music as well ^_^
And found out that CD MP3 players really kinda honk. I guess it skips because it’s on it’s side, and at the back of the backpack, so it probably bounces quite a bit.
I found a kewl USB 256Meg online, and it’s not expensive, so I think I’ll pick that up tonight.
I got a ride home last night because it was raining.
Actually, it wasn’t really raining, it had rained, and I used the excuse that I wanted to work out before voting, so I get a ride with my boss.
Tonight might be the same, because it is currently raining, and it looks like it might continue for a little while.

This brings up a good point of having a backup plan. I can’t always get rides after work, so I’ll have to figure out the bus thing.
That, and I have to invest in a small umbrella.
Well, a big small umbrella…

I think we’re going downtown on Canada Day this year.
That’ll be cool since I haven’t done that since I moved out of downtown.
I miss downtown, there was a lot of convience.
There were also the sights….

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