I really have to site down and takes notes when interesting things happen to me, so that I can blog about it later.

Seems my brain is like swiss cheese or something like that.

Or I remember things, just not in the funny/interesting way that I would like to write about it.

Or bring up in random conversation for that matter.

Oh well.

So there have been many things going on, and things that are about to go on.

While I’m on the subject, I really meant to get a plan going for more frequent updates, but that didn’t work. Which I think puts me into the large category of lazy-ass-bloggers.

I used to be good 😛

Anyway, on to things you might want to read about.

  • Picking up Tara’s mom from the airport today. She’s with us for a week while Tara does some dress shopping.
  • Work is going as well as can be expected. Going to do some additional training soon so that I can be a focal on something. Should look good for my review next year 🙂
  • Saw a gaggle of wild turkeys on the side of the road. It’s a first for me
  • Tara found a good doctor; one that will listen and offer advice and guidance. But now the doc’s off on maternity leave…ugh
  • I still really want an island
  • Didn’t win the last Super 7.
  • Playing Fallout 3 and liking it a lot. When it’s not crashing and taking my computer with it. But it’s a lot less frequent now

Just cleaned the house and now I’m off to go get Tara’s mom.


Have a good weekend all.

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