Broke down and bought COV last night. It was a whopping $10, so why not?
Installed it, and wanted to play COH, but it updated COV, and that took 45 minutes.

Anyway, it appears that when I log into COV it still lists the COH servers, so really, I have no idea where I’ll be playing.
Nor do I have an idea what I’ll be playing.

wants me to level up on COH quickly, so I might put more time into that.
But since will be starting fresh on COV, then we could level up together.
That’ll be fun ^_^

The snow’s finally stopped, and my shovel has been drivewayed.
You get the idea.

Worked from home today. Only played a little GH. I think my “passing” criteria will be lowered on Medium. 90% is all I’ll shoot for.
Damn some of those songs are hard!
Hard is gonna kill me.
Or cripple me, either way.

Oh and I SO WANT!


  1. thinkschematwo


    COH is on my list.

    (It’s awful dark for most of COV which is partially the point, I suppose, but… A little blue sky would be nice now and again.)

    COV has a malefactor/something or other affiliation scheme to prevent level issues. There are some limits, but generally level disparities disappear if either side of the equation teams up with the other.

    COV is the only game I can think of where I set out to create a fairly traditional ninja master Mastermind, and ended up with a 4′ green guy with tattoos, ram horns, and beast legs.

    (He still summons ninjas though.)

    I also think I inadvertantly attacked another player the other night… Something I hadn’t overly considered with a MMORPG (… it involved cops, gang members, and random street violence… I got carried away.)

    I do kind of like the power blast/bolt/whatever (okay, I like knockback…) despite it’s teensie damage rating.

  2. sidekickca

    COH has sidekicks(yay) and Exemplars.
    One brings you up, the other down.
    The problem with Exemplar is that you don’t gain XP, just reduce debt faster.
    Not something you’ve probably run into yet.

    The character design in COV/H is one of the best parts of the game.
    I have yet to see two characters alike.
    Jim, Scott and I did Simpsons characters once. Mostly worked.
    And multiple Zims/Girs!

    But we should hook up. What server you on again?
    Or do you want to pick one and just run with it?

  3. thinkschematwo

    Pinnacle… I should have remembered, seeing as (for whatever reason) I noticed Shane Lacy Hensley in the docs (from Cryptic Studios).

    [Shane did/does Deadlands and Savage Worlds via Pinnacle Entertainment Group… Oddly, not why I chose Pinnacle either… Eerie!]

    Anyhow, Monday’s are typically best, but really any night post 9:00 PM there’s a good chance I can be there.

    Any preferences?

    [David “Zeb” Cook is also familliar. An old TSR guy from the looks of things.]


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