Had various levels of win today.

1. Finally got the PS2 to go over the wireless network and play something from the windows machine.
This seems to be a little finicky sometimes, but it’s better than not working at all.

2. I can now control Winamp remotely. As long as I don’t load the media library. That’ll crash the remote control part.
Now I can listen to my music at work using Shoutcast and this Winamp RC thing. Cool Beans.

3. Downloaded and played AudioSurf. Neat game based on music. The cool part is that it’s based on your music.
Premise is pretty simple, kinda like connect 4, but with three. And not necessarily in a line.
But the collection dots and the spread of them depends on the music you choose from your own collection.
That’s cool.

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  1. flying_squirrel

    AudioSurf vaguely reminds me of Rez. Maybe the bastard lovechild of Rez and Bejeweled…


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