OK, so I kinda blew the whole blog365, we’ll just pretend it happened.
I suppose I could go back later and just backdate some entries, but I doubt I will.

Got my MP3 player today, a Sandisk Sansa e260.
Snazzy little unit, and at 4 gig for $100, not bad at all.

So far, the only problem I have(well, it’s not so much me) is that Winamp crashes every time it’s connected.
But that’s fine, apparently I have to jump through a lot of hoops to make it work properly with that anyway.
So Media Monkey is the winner so far.
There are things I don’t like(the general interface is kinda…irritating) but it handles podcasts well and syncs the player well enough.

I really didn’t know how much 4 gigs really was. And here I was thinking that I want the 100 or 300 gig models of iPods.
Granted, that would be my whole collection with me every where I go, but still.

And the Sansa also has a micro-sd slot to allow for more media.
Which is fine in theory, but then you realise that a 4 gig card is the same price add-on as the 8 gig model.
Oh well 😀

All in all, it’s nice.
I’ll need better headphones, not a real fan of buds.
I’ll test it all out at work tomorrow, see how it really handles.

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