Nice long weekend. 4 days in fact, all good 🙂
Well, mostly.

Yesterday I decided to tackle that weed path in the back yard. You know, the one taller than me?
Anyway, so I went in with this hedge trimmer thing(POS) and got about half way when I realised that using the heavy rake was almost easier.
Then I noticed the wasps. Actually, they noticed me.
Three times I was stung, three!
And one on the nose!
So, suffice to say, I called it quits.

Saturday/Sunday/Monday was all wedding stuff.
Tara and I are making most of what we’re sending out, so it was the invitations.
They’re looking great and I think people will like them.
Until they throw them away that is 😉

I’ve avoided saying what the actual date is going to be, and it’s been killing me.
But we found out that that date we wanted is available, so here it is:
May 22nd, 2010.
Yea, little far out, but it let’s people save for awesome gifts 😛
Not that we want anything, just a paid honeymoon.

And today Tara found out that she has 5 weeks off.
Not that she’s getting paid for any of it though 🙁

See, she works for a member of Parliament, and they’re closing the hill office, so she’s out until this silly election thing is all done with.
Then, in theory, she goes back to her job(assuming that the member is reelected).

So money is going to be a little tight for the next little while.
Oh darn, no diamond encrusted donuts for me 🙁

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