Just got news that Doug is on his way to London for a job interview with 3M!
I wish him the best!
It’s funny, I look around at my friends and oddly, I almost see a pattern. We all seem to be at the same stage of our lives. At 27, we’re all working harder to make our lives better, set into that groove that’s called a career.
We’ve all had the same problems along the way, set backs like layoffs and unemployment, but we’re all pulling ourselves up and working towards a better life.
For some, this means moving away for better oppertunities, for others(like myself), more schooling to increase our market worth. Hell, for some it’s been both.
I was the first to get the great job, and the last to be unemployeed.
I too am working to make my life better, it’s just taking time.
I have high hopes for Doug. It sounds like a great oppertunity to put what he learned in college to real use.
It means he’ll have to move, but that’s life at the best of times. As long as he doesn’t ask for money to do it with ^_^Well, that’s all the creative stuff I gots.

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