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The Gaogaigar box set finally showed up last night.
Wow, I waited 4 extra months for that?
No extras, and I have a feeling that it’ll be more than one box since the series is 50 eps(or close enough to) and this box will hold like 5-6 DVDs tops.
But the actual DVD was cool and fun to watch, and that’s what it’s really about.
I’ve ordered the second, and well as the second Voltron set.
They should arrive in my lifetime.

I also set up a second account on my work laptop just for home stuff.
That’ll keep me going until I finally buy my own laptop.

Playing more Lego Star Wars.
I really wish that in free play you could use any of the characters that you have available, but no.
For some reason you get a pretty standard sub-set of those characters.
In general, choose the Storm Trooper and you should get all the useful characters.
I’m going through the game again getting all the mini-kits and power blocks.
It kills a lot of time.

Nothing else to report.
It’s only Wednesday.

But that means only 5 more working days(including today)!

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