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No badminton tonight, just didn’t have the oomph.
It could be that I felt dizzy at walmart, and still feel kinda dizzy.
Could be that I haven’t slept well all week.

I blame work.

But it can’t last. The sleeplessness that is, not the work.
Unless I win the lottery tonight, then no more work.

But the odds are poor, which is I guess the point.

Looking into making a wordpress plugin for part of the wedding site.

Oh yea, making a wedding site for Tara and myself. It’s pretty much done(other people are better at themes than I am) I just have to do odds and bobs to make it ours.

The code for the plugin is done, just have to figure out how to make it a plugin, which is the point I guess.

Did I mention work has been busy lately?
Yea, really busy.
But I guess it’s better than wondering if I’m the only one that’s bored, and because of that if I won’t have much of a job left.

Anyway, just thinking out loud.

At least the boss and bosses boss knows that we’re really swamped and knows that things might take longer than normal to solve/deal with. Which is good, because I’m behind in a lot of things.

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