Stupid White Stuff

I look outside and it’s snowing like there’s no tomorrow.
Just wonderful. I actually wanted to go out this afternoon to pay the rent on my storage space before I completly forget. I suppose I can do that tomorrow, assuming that it clears up some.To add to the stupidity of the day, I just called the company about the job interview I had a couple of weeks ago….and asked for the wrong person. This is great. First off, the day of the interview I forget who I’m supposed to be talking to(I still don’t know her last name) and today I THINK I’ve got the right person but I didn’t.
I swear, if I get this job it’ll be a miracle. Not that I did badly on the interview, it’s everything else that I’ve pooched.
If nothing else, I think I’m getting better at interviews. Now I just need more of them.And it’s snowing, did I mention that?

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