Sum 41

Last night saw a great show; Sum 41 at the congress center.
It was a fastastic show, a lot better than I thought it would be. I mean, they always seemed like a good band, but I wondered if they were studio good or real life good.
They were real life good, very real life good.
For such a young band, they seem to have a good grasp of how to pump up the band and keep them pumped.
It was such a good time.
Now, there was a little bit of confusion about the opening band.
See, what we thought was the real opening act, well, they sucked a lot of ass. I’m not sure why someone let them up on stage, but to be fair, I suppose we all have to start somewhere.
Then they left, and about 10 minutes later, the other openeing band showed up, and they were MUCH better.
So much better in fact that I bought one of their CDs. Actually, their only cd, but it was worth it.
All in all, a very good time was had by all.

Not much going on for the rest of the week, except that I start my second Japanese course this week. That should be a lot of fun, assuming that it’s the same teacher. I think it is, I get the feeling that there’s only the one teacher for this language course.

Other than that, nothing new.

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