And another day to weigh in.
Seems my rapid(well, two pounds instead of one) has deminished, and it looks like I gained a pound the week before last, but now I’m right on schedule.
I think I’m going to keep a general record of what I eat and see what I might cut down on.
Also, I’ll see about biking more. I’m going to give it a whirl on three days in a row(making it four days a week instead of three) and see how I feel after that. I like biking, and it works for me.Other than that, been really bored today. Just couldn’t find the energy to do ANYTHING!
I mean, there’s plenty to do, I just didn’t want to do any of it.
Maybe I should schedule stuff. Like say, do an hour of the Java project each night. stuff like that.
Who knows.

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  1. aelfric the explosive

    Well what can I say? I’ve done some exercise myself (after noticing that I’ve become decidedly white-whale-esque). And now I’ve hit upon a new lose-weight-fast scheme – explosive dysentery! That’s right, I haven’t eaten a damn thing worth noting in three days, spent the entire time watching movies and groaning, and I’ve probably lost a stone already. Which is fine but frankly I’d be happier if I were a blue whale who was not running to the bathroom every 30 seconds.Sod it, back to the TV.


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