Sunday Stuff

Once again the main computer has decided that it’s going to play the “I refuse to start” game.
I accidentally told it to shutdown insead of reboot, and it took my advice to heart.

It’s not something I fully understand. I mean, the thing reboots well enough, it just seems to have a stop/start issue. So, I’ll do what I did last time; leave it alone and try tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.

Other than that it’s been a decent Sunday. Too bad it’s coming to a close, I kinda like the weekends.

We have a new humidifier for the house, and it’s been running since last evening.  We have a very dry house, and when you pet the cat there are sparks. Which is fun, but it can’t be healthy. And it makes our skin dry and generally the whole place is miserable. So we have it running all the time and odds are it’ll be running for the next couple of days, then we can turn it down. It’s a cold mist one, so at least it makes the main level temp pretty nice. It get’s warm down here.

I think this week I’ll be putting up the Christmas lights. Tara’s in a real Christmas mood this year, and I suspect a lot of that has to do with Liam.  We have the tree out of the basement, just not setup, but I suspect that’ll be this week as well. I think It’ll be an especially cool time this year. Mind you, he won’t really know what’s on, but we will, and that’s cool 😉

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