Sunday Sunday

I think I’m going to make Sunday the official day where I don’t do anything.
Jim and I used to call it Fat Sundays.
The difference here is that I won’t be stuffing my face all day 😛
But I’ll also try to avoid things like leaving the house or doing anything really productive.

I now start to wonder how this differs from any other day of the week ^_^

But I will attempt to make Sundays my official day of rest.
I’ll catch up/start some reading, maybe catch up on podcasts, TV downloads, that kind of thing.
Maybe they’ll be full anime days.
That would actually be kind of good as I have a lot of anime to go through.

For todays movie, it was “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance”
I’ve seen only one other of the “Vengeance” movies (Old Boy) and this was still a very cool movie.
But not cool in the same way Old Boy was cool. Old Boy was very, VERY bloody.
But Lady Vengeance had a bit more class to it.
Or at least I think it did, I was kinda tired.
If you liked Old Boy, you’ll like this.

Finished Half-Life 2: Episode 1 today.
I think the graphics are better on that than on HL2. I’m sure they are, they’ve had time to refine the engine.
Fun game, damn irritating at times though.
Didn’t resort to cheating. Unlike Sin:EP1.
But it was just stupid hard.

Today was round two of dinner last night. We tried to clean out some of the leftovers, but ended up taking a lot home.
I think I’m going to make a casserole tomorrow night, but I’ve lost the little casserole book I had.
That’s irritating.
We also drew names for Christmas.

See, we now draw a single name for Christmas this year. This way we have just one person to buy for.
This works on a few levels:
-Less money is involved
-we’re all at a point in our lives where, if we need something, we just go out and buy it
-less hassle
Not that I have any idea what to get the person I drew, but I never do.
With any luck lists will be showing up soon.
I should get one ready.

While at dinner, I left the dog out of her cage.
Came home to find that she had destroyed two of the cuban figures that I had.
Now I only have two.
She got a stern talking to. That’s all I can really say as anything further might sound crewel out of context.
I only hope that she’s actually learning something and what I’m doing just isn’t being wasted and possibly making things worse.
Hard to tell with dogs.
I think the problem was that I wasn’t really doing anything when she chewed stuff before, and now that’s come to bit me on the ass(as it were).
Oh well, if I can snap her out of this then all will be good with the world.

Back to work tomorrow.
I wonder how busy it’ll actually be?


And this is the final week for NaBloPoMo. I have four posts left.
I wonder what I’ll write about?
Maybe online dating, but that could kinda back-fire.

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  1. flying_squirrel

    Sympathy for Lady Vengeance was awesome. I saw it at the film festival last year.

    It was a little squicky maybe, but I absolutely loved the bathhouse scene. It was just brilliant. 😀


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