Tara’s been asleep most of the day.
Whatever she has hit her hard.
I’ve been popping vitamins so with any luck, I’ll walk away mostly unscathed.

I’ve also been doing work for Ben and Heather today.
It was one of those head/desk days, when you finally find the solution and it was so easy but really not documented.
Oh well, that’s out of the way and I’m nearly done with that project, so I can move on to v1.1 and start all the fun bits 🙂

Signed up for Eve Online. I’ve been playing for the last two weeks, and since other people I know are on it, it could be fun.
Mind you, by the time I’m at a decent place, they’ll have long since dropped it.
Typical 🙂

Hopefully the new PC will arrive shortly. I grow tired of this one.
There’s a noise downstairs…the dog is into something.

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