Sundays are Fundays

Overall the day was a total blast. It had a little bit of a rough start though.

Liam let us sleep in all the way to 6:30 and I got up and hung out with him for about an hour before Tara tagged me out. They hung out for another hour until we had to leave for church.

However, a could of things worked against us. Tara wasn’t feeling well just before we left, and Liam was really getting sleepy. So they dropped me off with food(that was the pretzel thing from last night) and I attended for the family. I had also signed up to do the sound board sometimes, so I got my first run-through after the service. It’s a pretty easy, yet cool, setup. I’m kind of a geek with this kind of stuff. I don’t know anything per say, but I like to fiddle with things. And while I won’t be able to flex my DJ muscle, it’ll be fun to toy with a little.

Pretty much right after that it was time to get ready to swim. One of the local pools had some family time on a Sunday, so we took advantage. It’s a little older, and the ‘alternate needs/family change’ room was really just a handicapped stall with no direct pool access. But it worked. And of course, Liam just loved it. 🙂

We had the chance to hang out with one of Tara’s friends as well in the pool. I think she loved it as much as Liam 😀

Once we all worked up our appetite, it was off to Moxys. I haven’t been in a while, and I always get the same thing. Beef vindaloo. It’s pretty awesome. I suppose I should try some other dishes, but why? I know this one works for me, and I go back to it.

The rest of the evening was kinda quiet. Liam really didn’t have his afternoon nap, even though we tried, but he didn’t seem to upset about it. So we took advantage of his good nature and did some housework and put plastic on a couple of windows. Liam’s room is cold, as is the guest room, so those got the first hit. I think we’ll do a few others before winter really rolls in.

And now, Liam’s alseep. Tara and I are watching TV, and enjoying each others company.

Or we will, once I’m done 😉

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    We went swimming and put plastic up on our windows too today. Are you sure you didn’t mix us up??


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