Super Heroes

As far back as I remember I’ve always been into comics of one kind or another.
I suppose most boys are, but I suspect most grow out of it.
Not I ^_^

And of course comics have their heroes, otherwise it would just be the newspaper with pictures.
What fun would that be?

I’m not sure why people need heroes to look up to, to try and associate with, but we do.
Some would turn to religion, but I turned to comics.
That, and the stories were a little more fun.

I think I started out with the standard little kid type comics. Nothing complicated, nothing that a 6 year old just wouldn’t get.
Mind you, I do remember things like horror comics.
One in particular sticks out. It was a tennis match, and suddenly the one player realizes that the other is either a demon or some undead kinda dude, and the ball is now a grenade.
OK, so it still doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I remember it to this day.

I had my Captain Carrot, Archie, Garfield, that sort of thing. Then as time went on, the comics got a little more mature.
Teen Titans, Green Lantern, TMNT, that kind of thing.
Funny about the Turtles. I started out with the Archie series which would follow the TV show(or vice versa) and it was really dialed down.
Then I branched out to the original series, and I was surprised to see how much darker it really was.
I still have the fourth printing of the first issue around here somewhere. Not that it’s worth anything, but it’s still nice to have.
I lasted with the Turtles for some time, but they’re not really what you think of when you say super hero.

That’s when I fell into the evil clutches of Marvel comics.
They had it all; Spider Man, X-Men, Avengers, real classic super heroes.
I had an instant connection with x-men because I was in High school.
The comic was about outcasts, and I felt like one in High School. Not that I had super powers mind you, but there was a connection none the less.

As most would know, the X-men had a bunch of spin-off comics; New Mutants, X-Factor, Cable, New X-Men.
I think I collected them all, and for some reason I always liked the ‘strong guys’ the most.
Guess I always wanted to be a real big strong guy, but I’d like to think there was more to it than that.
Colossus was also an artist, Guido(Strong Guy) was always cracking jokes, Beast was a scientist, they were characters I could identify with.
And they always just stood there and protected people. They were never the ones to try and take the lead, try to be the super macho leader.
They were support, the part of the team that stood there and took the abuse so that others could go off and do fancy things.
The tank, the backbone.
I wanted to be like that.
Still do I think.
I never wanted to be a leader, just the backup, following orders, taking out the trash, getting the job done ^_^


OK, I have to start planning out these posts ahead of time.
Take notes, something like that.
This just barely ended up the way I wanted it to, and that’s because I had to force it and just drop a bunch of stuff.
I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense, and it also doesn’t really convey what I wanted.
Mind you, that’s half the problem, I’m not sure what I wanted it to convey.
So sorry


  1. thinkschematwo

    Seems to have come out alright from my end.

    Not sure what you were aiming for, but glad to hear that you hit the mark.

    I could never really get into the super hero thing, though I wanted to.

    I’ll admit, I liked Daredevil, Batman, and I think it was Weird Tales (now that I think of it, ROM the Space Knight was kind of cool too…).

    I think that heroes, in the form of superhero comics, are pretty much appealing based on the clear cut “do the right thing”. Modern comics aim to complicate that by not always making the “right thing”, the “easy thing” (I guess).

    Was watching Heroes (on TV) last night, and the flying guy (from Mysterious Ways) went on about how flying (without any additional powers) was kind of pointless… Not good for much except saving cats in trees. I liked that.

    Anyhow, maybe I’ll come back when I haven’t just gotten up. 🙂

    Good post though. (Hurray for nablopomo!)

  2. sidekickca

    Heroes in general are a nice easy escape for me.

    I remember ROM, and I remember being scared crapless of it too for some reason.

    The cats thing was classy ^_^


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