Surprise Surprise

I’m not actually sure if I wrote about this earlier, but a few weeks ago I had a terrible job interview. Actually, it looks like I didn’t mention it at all, so here’s a breif wrp-up:
I show up to the interview a little early and the someone lets me onto the floor, she then asks who I have the interview with, and I look her straight in the eye and say ‘I have forgotten.’ ‘You have forgotten?’ ‘Yes, I have forgotten.’
She figures out who I have the interview with and we’re off to the races. The interview SEEMS to go well and at the end she sais ‘Well, you’ve answered MOST of my questions.'(yes, she said it in caps). ‘Oh’
We shake hands and I run away home.
Time passes. I still don’t know WHO I had the interview with. So I start looking through e-mails and a name pops up, a womans name, so I call her.
She calls back and states ‘You must be confused, you had the interview with XXX and she’ll be away all week, so I’ll get her to call you back.’ Excellent….except it’s only her first name. So I call the company directory, and they require you to know peoples last name and they don’t give a listing. Hmmmm. So I can’t even call back the RIGHT person to see if I have a job.
Well, just received an e-mail from her stating that I didn’t. But on the upside, I finally know her name!

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