While I don’t remember the exact day that I first tried sushi, I do remember where I was.
It was the Japanese Village Steak House in Downtown Ottawa.
That was my birthday dinner, and since it was my birthday I decided to finally try the sushi.
It was a small dish, some kind of sample thing. Probably had the usual fare, Tuna, California, shrimp.
That was my first experience with Wasabi as well.
Let me tell you, that’s the last time I put something that’s green in my mouth without knowing what it is first !_!
I swore off wasabi for the longest time after that.
Anyway, it must have been either 1998 or 1999 as it was definitely after college.
And since I graduated in 98, it must have been 99.

Not sure why I tried it that night.
Never really liked fish.
The fact that it was Japanese, and at the time all things Japanese was cool might have been part of it.
But for whatever reason, I’m glad I did.

The next major round of sushi after that was somewhere in Michigan. Near Southfield, in the back of a grocery store.
It was a Japanese grocery store with a full sushi bar in the back.
You got a list of what they offered and just checked off what you wanted.
The place maybe sat 10 people. And only about 5 at the bar.
I walked in with a Japanese girl and two Chinese guys.
I was the whitest thing in the room that wasn’t rice.
Must have had about $30US of fish that night.
Doesn’t sound like much, but it looked like a whole lot.

After that I just kinda wandered and got sushi where I could.

Let me give you a basic rundown of the sushi places in Ottawa that I’ve tried.

Nice place in downtown Ottawa, corner of George and Dalhousie.
At first it was the only sushi place we went to. Mostly because I never bothered to look for another.
I kinda ran into it accidentally, waiting to go on a trip I think.
Anyway, it’s good stuff, and the prices are alright.
Nothing to write home about as the decor is a little lacking.

Suisha Gardens
I’ve only been here the once, for a going away lunch, but it was a cool place.
The downstairs has a stone floor and there are booths with low tables.
I’ve never been able to get back in for some reason.
I should try again.
Food was good, from what I remember.
Wanted to go back and be in the booths, they looked cool. ^_^

This was the shiznit for the longest time.
It was the best sushi in town and the actual restaurant was nice and quiet.
It also had a great decor.
Ben and I once spent about $70/each there one night, just trying things we’ve never had before.
I even had my family take me there for birthday dinners.
Haven’t been back in some time.
That’s the problem not living downtown anymore.

Saw this on the food network, on Opening Soon.
They must have changed the chef by the time I got there.
It’s trendy, which means over priced and under served.
The food wasn’t as good as the price suggested it would be.
In fact, I would almost say Takara was better.
Won’t go back.

Now this place is both trendy and good.
It might have been a little expensive, but nothing over blown. But there was at least quality to go with that price.
Went there on a first date with someone who only ate half her meal.
I remember that because I was still hungry after eating mine.
Sushi doesn’t really fill me up. Which is too bad as it’s not cheap.

A little closer to home we had Taste Of Japan. The interior was nothing to write home about.
Kinda bland.
The owner was an Indian guy that spoke perfect Japanese.
But good food, and since it wasn’t downtown it was the closest place to go.

But then the gods smiled upon me and gave me Sushi Kanata.
At first the service and decor were top shelf.
Over time, the decor got a little cheaper(guess business dropped off a little) but the prices were good as was the fish.
The normal gang and I go there often enough to have some of the staff recognize us.
They have a sushi bar as well as booths.
Not cool booths, but booths.

So there you have it, a basic rundown of sushi in the Ottawa area.
I haven’t been to every restaurant that the city offers, but maybe I will someday.
The way I tend to judge a place is to order the same sets of things.
For me, it’s usually Tuna, Ebi roll, Unagi roll and some other random fish.
If I’m really hungry, I’ll throw in some tempura or udon.

I like noodles…

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