For some reason I got a hankering for this game, so I snagged a copy and started playing.
Thanks be to DosBox to allow me to get this up and running.

However, I think I found a wee flaw in the game development side of things.

Now, I’m sure the devs didn’t expect you to have this running 24×7, or running in the background.
But that’s what I did. After finishing the first three missions that is.

See, that give you enough of a cash base so that you can do all the research and buy all the mods/mini-guns you need.
And that’s what I did. Going into the fourth mission I had level 3 mods and 3-4 mini-guns per team member.

Now, this certainly made it easier, but by no means a walk in the park.

However, there are some thing I shouldn’t have been able to research before certain missions. Meaning that I had shields before the shield mission, that sort of thing.

X-Com did it right that way. You couldn’t research something until you got it, which made it difficult but made more sense.

Anyway, Syndicate is still a blast to play, even though your team members are dumb as bricks. Even with Level 3 Brains.
Just really dumb brains I think….

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