Tasks + List = Things to Do

These are the things that I need.
I’m bored.
I shouldn’t be bored, but I am.
I have a whole house of things that really need doing, or at least really should be doing.

I should create a real, honest to goodness To Do list.
But I’m too bored to do it.
Maybe I’ll do it at work 😛

I also need to fix the vacuum, it doesn’t suck as much as it really should.

The computer hooked up to the TV seems to be working out fairly well. Watched an episode of Eureka, and it looked alright.
Maybe it’s the card, but it doesn’t fill up the screen as much as I would like it to. But saying that, it’s not at all bad.
Now if I could just make it look better.
Maybe I’ll put that on my list ^_^

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