Teh Winner!!!!11One

Couple of weeks ago I entered a contest with sliceofscifi.com, something about a new show called EUREKA, which I hope Space picks up because it sounds like fun.
Anyway, the idea was:
in 25 words or less, explain what you, the scientist in charge of a Top Secret Research Project overseeing a group of geniuses with unimaginable abilities, would make as your priority project for invention.

My answer; Dogs that don’t poop.

Apparently that put me in the top three (not sure which yet) and I found out on the podcast today.
It was funny, I was so happy, I nearly cried WOOT!
But I was walking the dog, so that would have looked a little stupid ^_^

It’s just fun to play, and who knew that non-pooping dogs would be so poopular(huh, huh, get it?)

I got nuthin…

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