Test the Nation

So far I’m only down 6 out of 25.
Pretty average I would think.

Also,  , without even looking, I would say a jar of diced garlic. It’s in an oil, so odds are it’s still good.
In terms of how old it is…it’s among the first things I ever bought at costco when I got my membership.
That was July 2006.
I really thought I’d use a lot of garlic. And I have, just not enough 🙂


  1. olletho

    Wow that’s not a patch on my kitchen contents I have cans of things that could vote.

    Even drink in the states.

    Honestly, cream of celery soup date on the top is 86. I don’t know if that is the canning date or the best before. So Not Going To Eat it.

    But I can’t get rid of it, it’s now a pet and a collectos item.

  2. sidekickca

    Maybe you can use it as a dependent on your taxes 🙂


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