Thawing Garbage and other tales

Ottawa started this green bin thing in January and Tara and I have been using it quiet a lot.

Problem is, we didn’t put it out every week. Alright, I didn’t put it out every week. And there were some really cold spells there.

So when I did finally put it out, I found out that the bottom half was frozen. Exciting.

So now I’m thawing that bit. I have the bin on the landing going to the basement, with a space heater, and closed the door.

I’m not worried about much, there’s plenty of air moving about so that the space heater doesn’t do something wonky, and it has an auto-shutdown so that’s alright as well.

Besides, I’m checking on it. So yea, that’s my morning, thawing garbage.

Tara and I are taking dance lessons again. Ballroom, or that’s the theory. We’ve learned more swing than anything else, and you know what?

That’s all right by me. In fact, I’m finding it a lot more fun than the last time we took ballroom. We’re also learning more about the waltz beyond the basic box step. That’s also cool.

So 6 more weeks of that 🙂

I finally turned off the outdoor Christmas lights.

Windows 7 is now on both the laptop and the desktop. So far so good. Actually, no, it’s chewing through the battery life on the laptop. I think we get about 45 minutes on battery now.

I’ll run that battery thingy in Windows and see if that does anything. Or, I could look for a new battery.

Think that’s it for today….

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