The Day After

For the most part, this was a typical Saturday.
The feelings of the dent are pretty much gone as there’s just nothing I can do about it but laugh.

Tara and I bopped around town buying house things.
I think I like this buying house things…uh…thing.
I like Linen’s n Things.
I really do.
I think it’s neat.
So that’s where we went, and didn’t have a whole lot of luck.
They had these bathroom cabinet things on sale, but when we got there, they were sold out of all but one.
But they had a million pillows, so we bought them(2 for 1!).
I think we’re good on the pillow count now(considering there are 7 on the bed, and I use one).
I even got myself one of those foam wavy pillows to help with snoring…we’ll see.

We did dinner, then popped into the SuperStore that night as they were having a tax off thing.
So we picked up bedside tables and some other table kinda things.
The bedside tables are awesome, because they actually are higher than the bed, and I don’t have to hang off the side anymore to see what time it is.
Very nice.

Other than that…uhh…same old same old.

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