The E.A.S.Y way

Tara and I started the Baby Whisperers E.A.S.Y method on Monday. For those that don’t know, that’s:


What this does is get his day on a routine. Something he’s never had before, and I have to say, that it’s working rather well.

For the past few nights he’s gone to bed between 7 and 8, eaten once at 11(because we wake him to do so) and slept until 5:30. Sure, that’s still early, but it’s a far cry from being up every two or so hours. Sometimes even more.

It’s almost made the days feel normal 😉

The theory of the method works like this(for his age):

Day starts at 7 with a feeding(with a bottle)
Then solid food at 8:30
Nap at 9
Feeding at 11
Solids at 12:30
Nap at 1
Feeding at 3
Solids at 5:30
Feeding at 7
Feeding at 11

The nap times are approximate. Really, any times between feedings are his. He can play or nap or both. The trick is to keep him on the feeding schedule so that he gets enough during the day and doesn’t wake up all the time at night hungry.
As I said, this has mostly worked really well.
He(like his parents) seems to want more food later in the day, being a light eater in the morning. This is fine. He’s not suffering(by the looks of it) and appears to still be gaining weight. As time goes on, I’m sure he’ll eat roughly the same amount through out the day.

Before this method, he was a snacker.  He would eat when hungry, but only eat what he wanted. But he would eat whenever he wanted. This was our fault, but we didn’t know any better.

Now we do 🙂

And we’re working to correct it. And it’s working.

So expect to see Tara and I actually getting sleep(at the same time!) and Liam actually sleeping through the night.

It’ll be nice…


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    We’ve had Kaylee on E.A.S.Y for a couple of months now. It’s working like a dream! It’s a pretty consistant 3 hour rotation. Actually Liam and Kaylee seem to be really similar.
    Up around 7am -bottle (7oz) then play, chill ect
    9am – nap
    10:30-11am, up bottle, play
    1pm – nap
    2pm – up, bottle, play
    4pm- nap
    5pm-5:30- up (often I’ll get her up)
    6pm- bottle, play
    7pm bedtime

    She doesn’t “eat” yet. I think we’re going to skip baby food and go right to finger foods. She doesn’t like spoons. We also stoped the dream feeds. We found she was getting up more because she couldn’t settle herself than because she was hungry. At 6 months it all clicked! She went from waking every couple of hours (like 7 times a night) to sleeping through. I think the routine through out the day really helped set things up for a good bedtime; eventually anyways. =)

  2. Vanessa

    I’m glad Liam is becoming a bit more predictable – sleep is so nice. Just when you get the routine firmed up, he’s going to change it all up 🙂


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