The force is strong in this one

And weak with me.

Well, we didn’t fail, but we’re not allowed to go onto the advanced class.
This comes as no great surprise to me.
A little disheartening yes, but when I look at Qanuk now, and eight weeks ago, she’s a better dog now.
A much better dog.
And I have a better idea of what I need to do to go forward to the advanced class.
I never expected to advance right away, I had always thought a winter of training would be better and then tackle this in the spring.

I am so tired right now, it was an exhaustive evening.
And I’m a little sick. That doesn’t help matters any.
Sick just before I go away for the weekend. Woot…


  1. briar_rose2

    Well better luck next time. My do pooped during his exam, so I don’t think he passed at all.

  2. sidekickca

    Well, she threw up on the first night, maybe that should have been an indication ^_^


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