The Great toy drive

Liam’s birthday is coming up in September, so Tara has started buying toys now while they’re on sale as opposed to closer to his birthday, when I’m sure they won’t be.

The great part about this is that we don’t really have to hid anything, he simply won’t remember. In fact, they’re all in his closet 🙂 And I’ve already played with some(quality control and the like…really…)

It’s been kind of my mission to make sure that he has toys that will challenge him, and not just make noise. Granted, at his current stage, all he wants to do is make noise. Which is fine. I guess. But the screaming…

Anyway, so for his birthday Tara noticed that they had this cool MegaBlocks construction table on sale, so she rushed off to ToysRUs to get it. And a big bag of blocks. Because the table only comes with 12. Really, 12? Better to have 80 🙂

92 and a table now…but I digress. As you well know.

He loves to move things and examine things with his hands, so these blocks should really fit in when he’s old enough to actually understand what they’re supposed to do. And it’s going to be a blast to watch him try them all out. Guess that’s a gift to me 🙂

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