The Journey Home

6:55 in the am.
Woke up at 4am, returned the car at 5:30, and I still have about 90 minutes before the flight.

Alcatraz was pretty cool. The tour itself is dirt cheap($16.50) but the parking cost was killer. $30!
I couldn’t believe it!
It’s $6/hour with a $30 max. You can see it’s not hard to hit the max.
Yea, I was there for a little while. I purposely left early because I knew I was going to get lost.
I just accept these things now.
And I did overshoot my mark and ended up on a different island altogether.
Not hard to get myself back on track, and then found Fishermans Warf pretty quickly after that.

The ‘asian mall’ turned out to be an asian Loblaws. It had a random toy section, so I still didn’t escape unscathed.
Had sushi again last night, and that would make 4/6 dinners of sushi. One of the six was still asian food(rather good asian food) and that was paid for anyway.
Found out I can make oatmeal in a coffee maker.
And if you wash it properly, your coffee doesn’t taste like oatmeal.

Can’t wait to pick the dog up tomorrow, I miss her so.

I also can’t wait to see all three packages that apparently arrived for me while I was gone.
I suspect I know what they are, but it’s just kinda funny to get all three in the same week.
However, since I was away, it’s kinda expected ^_^

I should also change the lock on the front door. I’ve made 6 sets of keys, from two different places, and none of them work properly.
You really have to fight to get the keys to actually lock/unlock. Not overly helpful.

The trip overall has been rather good. I think the training went well, although I expect a lot of phone calls.
Again, I knew that was going to happen. I’m on the hook(as it were) for another year while people get used to the product and how it works with other products.
I can’t wait to actually start on the new stuff. I wonder when that’s finally going to happen.

Going to find something to drink. I got a little sun yesterday, and I’m starting to feel it today.

2:19 – Chicago
I have about two hours before the next flight.
I was last row, at the window. My butt hurts so bad, I thought I was gonna die.
Other than that, uneventful flight.
Which, now thinking about it, is a good thing.
I forgot to turn off my cell phone, and the entire flight I was waiting for someone to call.
Of course, I would deny that it was my phone, assuming someone would find it. I would look as disgusted as the rest of the passengers.
Then, I would wait for the plane to explode.

I wonder if they’ll loose my luggage again.

I really want to be not flying and at home doing nothing. And possibly watching all the DVDs in the world, of which I’ve now received in the mail.
That includes the Star Wars DVDs. I didn’t think they were out yet, but if the game is out(of which I might pick up, the demo was really fun) I suppose the movies are out as well.
The third package could be GaoGaiGar, and that would also rock.
It’ll be nice to watch that again with less engrish subtitles.
Although, that could have been half the fun ^_^

I think it’s pretzel time.

Home again home again, jiggity jig.
Customs was easy, as was collecting my bad. They didn’t loose it this time.
Cab ride home was also easy, the driver actually knew where Kanata was, and that’s a big plus.
Had coffee with Jim, and I was right, he did receive my Grandizer dvds.
Yes, I’m watching them now ^_^
The quality looks better than my VHS tape, which really isn’t hard.
The DVDs themselves, well, they’re obviously burned, and are labeled 1,2,3,4 and Movie. I’ll have to at least add Grandizer to the labels ^_^
Picking up the dog tomorrow. I’ve mentioned that already, but it’s worth mentioning twice.

Well, back to Grandizer ^_^

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