The joys of video games

As I sit here, typing to the world, I can hear the screams of joy coming from the other room.
Well, not so much joy really, more screams of “Son of a BITCH!” “We’re on the same God-Damed Team!”
That would be my house mate, presumably relaxing with a nice evening of video games.
“Shit bags” is now being uttered to, well, I would assume the monitor.
The funniest part is that he’s wearing head-phones. I guess he doesn’t want me to hear the noise of the game ^_^
I swear the guy’s gonna give him self a heart attack on day. He seems to play with the dumbest people on the planet, but for some reason never stops.
Well, enough about him, let’s talk about me.

I have nothing interesting to say really….

Saw Sahara tonight. Fun movie. I would watch a sequel if it was done by the same people. It was very Indiana Jones-ish, and I like that sort of thing.
I would say more movies should be done that way, but they probably shouldn’t since it would be done to death. Much like…well, everything else.


  1. anonymous

    I vaguely recall saying, “We should see this” when it was released in theatres and the rest of you ass-wearing hat-holes said “No, it will be crap!!”.

    -Housemate (Who hates the incompetant clowns he is forced to play with online)

  2. sidekickca

    I would like to think that it was mostly Parker that poo-pooed the movie…but I have a feeling that I had something to do with it as well.
    But when did you start listening to me anyway? ^_^

  3. olletho

    Presumably when you started paying him rent?


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