The Longest Day

Seems that today will be the longest day ever.
First off, the laptop died and I still don’t have it back, so I haven’t actually been able to do any work.
Not that anyone has noticed mind you.

OK, so I work till 5:30. Then I zoom off to a class at 6:30 and that goes till 9:30.
It’s the final exam and project hand in, to that’ll be an interesting night.

THEN I zoom off to a 10:15 showing of Return of the King!

I figure I’ll just head back to work after the movie ^_^

But on the upside, or the downside, depending on where you’re me or the bank, Ben happenes to be in the UK.
Ben also happens to be within spitting distance of the Dr. Who shop.
Ben is gonna pick me up a talking Dalek!
I’m going to have to wire him the money first, but that’s ok, it’s worth it.
Almost sounds like a Nigerian thing.

Speaking of that, Edwin hasn’t e-mailed back yet. Don’t think he’s gonna take me up on the offer.

Oh well, I have two more that I can play with.

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