The Next 50 Years

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I suppose I should begin by telling you things you already know, or should know, about me.
1. I’m really not into politics, and like everyone who says this, I should be
2. I’m also not into economics. I don’t know why lowering interests rates are good/bad for the economy
3. I have a grand imagination

In short, I don’t know what’s going to happen in 50 years.
So, instead of that, let’s go over a few things that, over the years, I thought would be cool to happen in the next 50 years.

1. Armageddon

No, not that crap movie from the 90’s, I’m talking world war three, fallout, the whole thing.
This was the source of many great movies in the 80’s, from Mad Max to, uh…Nuke’m High?
I know there’s more, I just can’t think at the moment.
I’ve always wondered that, if I survived the initial attack, how would I fair in day-to-day life?
In my dreams, I’d always have pre-built the underground bunker. Nothing fancy, just enough to live on.
However, I’ve always had the vision of being alone, so it’s kinda small.
Solar power, some kind of water filtration system, and dried food.
Also, this was an excuse to build a battle wagon of some kind.
Probably a wagon, armored sides, cow catcher front, and there would have to be a gun turret on the top 😀
Possibly I would lead a rag-tag group of my friends. Or, someone else would be the leader and I would be the…other guy, something cool though.
We would all do our best to survive in this crazy messed up world.
And there would be zombies…gotta have atomic zombies!

2. Awakening

Those not familiar with Shadowrun might not get this, but Blade Runner would be close enough.
Cyber Punk might be a better title.
This is the rise of the Corporations, the expansiveness of personal technology, and techno music.
Being the geek I am, I wanted to be the net junkie. The guy that would surf the net to disconnect security, break into bank records, screw with the traffic lights.
The world around me would be highly advanced, or at least appear that way.
People would have built in cell phones, PDAs, net terminal connections.
Personal robots, while still kinda clumsy and low tech, would be available to all.
Cars would hover instead of roll, and we wouldn’t be using gas, it would be something more useful, like hydrogen.
Sure, it wouldn’t be a full utopia, there would be a dark side to all of this.
The crimes would get more sever, as would the cops.
The slums would be war zones
You would have all out war with heavy weapons and full body armor.
Cities would be controlled by corrupt companies. You wouldn’t vote for Bob to be Prime Minister, you would have you pick of Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, or Best Buy.

3. Utopia

This is the dream. This is what everyone wants.
There are no wars, there are no conflicts.
The world has finally come to it’s senses about the people living on the planet, and about the planet itself.
We’ve cleaned up our act and moved away from fossil fuels completely.
We’ve developed better ways to reuse our trash, far beyond normal recycling.
The work week is shorter because people have stopped competing against one another, and work together for the common good.
There is no real currency, as food and products are plentiful.
Cars hover, but cleanly.
The weather is always right. Not too hot, not too cold. Rains when it needs to, snows to make it look pretty.
As the world is working together, we’ve solved poverty, aids, world hunger.
There is a single unified religion, as all groups realized they had more in common than against.
We’ve started to move out into space. We’ve established an outpost on the moon, and this serves as a staging point to move out further.
Mars is next.
Everyone is happy, and people are starting to get bored…

So there you have it.
Three different visions of the future. They range from hot to cold, pessimistic to optimistic.
None of them are going to happen of course.

The interesting thing here is, you can see bits of all three of these around you on a daily basis.
World tensions rise and fall daily. There’s always some group on the brink of doing something terrible to another group.
Yet, technology moves on. Things are getting smaller and faster. We already have internet access from any point you can find power(so says Rogers).
I have a phone that works almost anywhere in the world. I spend more time working from home than I do in the office.
While my car is diesel, there are plenty of new ideas regarding all electric(I want that Tesla car…) and alternate fuel sources.
Countries are starting to work together to find the solution to some common problems.
We are smarter about the environment around us, and a lot of us are trying to do something about it.

Sadly, the one scenario that I can’t see happening in the next 50 years is #3. It’s not going to work. At least not that quickly.
Sure, it would be nice. But not reasonable.

So, there you have it, my thoughts for the next 50 years. All collected from the books and movies I read/watched when I was younger.
They just don’t make a good post-apocalyptic movies anymore…


  1. thinkschematwo

    Hey, thanks for playing my tune! 🙂

    You missed the coolest thing about the Awakening — people become elves, dwarves, orks and trolls! 🙂

    [If Canadian Tire became our corporate governing body, would we get to use Canadian Tire money as currency? If they ran North America, do you suppose the Americans would be ticked?]

    Oddly, the thing that weirded me out about the post the most wasn’t the possibility of atomic zombies, but that my kids will be 50 about that time (which has frightening reprecussions from my standpoint…). How’s that for an unforeseen occurance.

    Come to think of it… You know, I often wish for a return to simpler time (if tempered by today’s more enlightened world view)… Sadly, I see some sort of apocalypse being a more likely cause than a slide into Utopia.

    On the post-apocalyptic front… Gamma World [] and of course there’s always Palladium (Rifts, After the Bomb)[] — There is supposed to be a Rifts movie optioned… (Disney/Bruckheimer)

  2. flying_squirrel

    “Or, someone else would be the leader and I would be the…other guy”

    The word you’re looking for is “sidekick,” perhaps?

  3. sidekickca

    And while suddenly fulfilling a life goal of becoming a dwarf would be cool, I just don’t see it suddenly happening 😉

    CT running North America would have a certain amount of coolness, but I’m not sure if I’d trust my health care to those nutjobs.


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