The next Thursday

I would like to say that I haven’t updated because nothing has been happening.
That’s wrong.
But, all the things that have been happening have been good.

Visited Mike and AJ over the weekend. Helped put up the tree, got drunk, and played with the new kittens. Not necessarily in that order.

Then I get an e-mail from Ben stating that he’s gonna be in the UK over Christmas because he’ll be working. Maybe the rock and roll life that he wants is still there for the taking.
I just hope he brings me a Dalek.

Seems that I will now be all three levels of support at work. That’s fine really, the old first level really didn’t help much.
That, and I found out my boss is actually younger than I am! I had no clue. He certainly doesn’t present himself in a way that would make me think he’s younger.
But not bad.
I’m just glad he goes to all the meetings and not me ^_^

Tonight was the quickest class yet. The teacher had the flu and we stayed there for an hour.

Oh yes, and I’m stringing along a Nigerian scammer. He e-mailed me at this account, I replied from a different account, and things have been progressing ever since. I’ve been documenting as much as I can, and I will include the whole thing when it’s finally over.
Good for a laugh really.

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